A partnership with Champs Sports where we were tasked with designing a product line for 3 seasons that represented UNINTERRUPTED's More Than An Athlete mission. From a creative and design standpoint, I was able to work together with a designer to create pieces that embodied the attitude of youth sports, with a nod towards streetwear culture.

Along with the product line that was designed, was a show that we produced and filmed featuring Athlete turned Influencer Donal Dela Haye aka DEEEstroying , and College Basketball Phenom Sedona Prince.

With both product and show needing to have a seamless feel and holistic vibe to it, I lead all aspects of the Set Design, Photoshoot, Social Captures and Visual language that lives for the collaboration.


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Photoshoot, Social Capture lead, Set Design, Product Design.

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